Wimborne Turf

Lawn Feed

  • Developed by Wimborne Turf for use on amenity lawns
  • Contains a balance of nutrients for strong, healthy plant growth
  • 16% nitrogen, 15% Potassium, 16% Phosphorus
  • Promotes drought tolerance and disease resistance
  • 2.5kg tubs (Coverage 100-125m2)
  • Price: £20.00 + VAT = £24.00

Keep your lawn looking as beautiful as the day it was laid by using this cost-effective lawn feed from Wimborne Turf Ltd.

As specialists in growing healthy lawn turf, Wimborne know exactly what grass plants need to keep them looking great.

This balance lawn feed contains nutrients for strong leaf growth, good colour, speedy recovery from wear and tear, robust root systems, drought tolerance and disease resistance.

Apply every 6-8 weeks between march and september.

This granular feed is easy to apply either with a spreader (recommended) or by hand.  If you have any left over, it can be securely stored in its own air-tight bucket.

£20 + VAT
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