Laying Turf in October

Laying Turf in October

Laying Turf in October 0

October usually brings mild weather to the South of England.  Here at Wimborne Turf, we think that October offers the perfect conditions for laying turf.

  1. At this time of year the soil is easy to work with: The secret to professional looking turfing lies in preparing the soil really thoroughly.  The silty soils in and around Dorset can sometimes be too wet to work with in early spring but in autumn they’re just right.  Which is why you’ll see farmers ploughing, harrowing and planting seeds at this time of year.
  2. Just the right amount of rainfall. A lawn isn’t finished as soon the last turf gets unrolled.  Your new turf will need plenty of water to get it established.  In autumn, Mother Nature sends rain to help keep soil moist.  Don’t get complacent though – you’ll still need to do some watering, just not as much as you would in spring or summer.
  3. In summer time, the heat often evaporates water before it can sink down into the soil where the roots can reach it. In autumn, gentle temperatures reduce evaporation and make for much waterwise gardening.
  4. Not too hot, not too cold. Laying turf in hot weather is a real chore for you and for the plants. Much better to work in cooler temperatures.  In autumn time though, the air is cool but the soil is warm.  That’s ideal conditions for root development.  It makes perfect sense to make the most of what Nature has to offer.
  5. Less foot traffic. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be spending a lot of time outdoors between now and spring.  What that means is that your new lawn won’t be needing to cope with a lot of wear and tear for the next 4-5 months.  The plants will have plenty of time to establish a strong root system and get really well bedded in before the summer shenanigans begin.

Where to buy turf in Dorset

There’s no substitute for buying locally grown turf.  It doesn’t have far to travel so you can be confident that it will be as fresh as fresh when it gets to you.  Plus, if you have the right vehicle, you can save money by collecting your turf from the farm.

Wimborne Turf’s “Gold Leaf” turf is of the finest quality and grown on our farm in Sturminster Marshall.  It’s a hardwearing turf grown from disease-resistant grasses.  “Gold Leaf” is suitable for a family lawn, a front lawn or for general landscaping. 

Because we know our turf will be on show locally, we double check the quality to preserve our good reputation.  Wimborne Turf may not be the very cheapest turf available but you can be confident of our quality and service.

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