Fresh Turf is the Best Turf: Why it makes sense to buy turf from a local grower

Fresh Turf is the Best Turf: Why it makes sense to buy turf from a local grower

Bewildered by the choice of turf suppliers online? Why not support local business and buy from your local turf grower?

Fresh turf is the best turf

Lawn turf has a very short shelf life. And the nicer the weather, the faster your turf will lose vigour while it’s rolled up.

The fresher your turf, the better it will look when established.  The team at Wimborne Turf aim to deliver turf within hours of it being lifted from our fields.

Two ways to avoid the unsightly (and deadly) phenomenon known as turf burn out are:

  • Prepare the ground before your turf is delivered – so that there are no delays getting it down
  • Buy from the local grower – that way it’s spent less time in transit and will arrive fresher.

Help the environment by cutting carbon emissions

If you are installing a natural living lawn, the chances are you understand environmentally friendly grass is.

  • Absorbs rainwater and drains naturally so reduces the stress on drainage systems
  • Takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and turns it into oxygen for you to breath
  • Filters dust and pollution from the air
  • Cools the area around it with a natural process called transpiration
  • Is a great place for some bird species to forage
  • Helps keep the soil healthy
  • 100% natural products decompose when they die and don’t need expensive recycling plants to dispose of them

All turf brings with it a wealth of benefits to the environment, but some of these will be offset if the turf rolls have travelled hundreds of miles by lorry before they reach you.

Turf transport and the environment

Lorries are fabulous – in fact the country would grind to a halt without them. But, there’s no disputing the fact that they use a lot of fuel and subject road surfaces to a lot of wear and tear. National turf growers tend to use articulated lorries – because that keeps costs low for the consumer. However those lorries are not always the best when it comes to manoeuvring through towns and villages.  Especially somewhere like Dorset where our lanes can be narrow and windy.

Local turf growers know the area, and they’ll find the most suitable delivery vehicle for the job.

Big isn't always best! Using a smaller delivery vehicle means easier access and less inconvenience to other road users - especially where roads are narrow

Save money by cutting out the middle man

Not every turf supplier has grown the product themselves.  Sometimes they are buying products from the grower, adding a profit margin and selling it on. 

That’s mostly true of DIY stores and garden centres who can’t possibly produce everything in their product range themselves.

What’s the difference between a turf grower and a turf supplier?

A turf supplier may be a middle man for one of the large turf growers. That can mean that turf is transported a long way and then sits on a pallet in the supplier’s yard before it is collected by the customer.

Some turf growers will supply direct to the customer, cutting out the middle man. Wimborne Turf is a turf grower and turf supplier. We offer home grown turf for sale and deliver for a moderate fee to addresses in our local area.


Understanding your soil type

Preparing the soil before laying turf is the key to creating a beautiful lawn.

Soil varies enormously throughout the UK and lawn grass is one plant that will survive in almost any soil. However, there is a big difference between surviving and thriving. A great looking lawn is made up of millions of grass plants who are really thriving.

A local turf grower will know exactly what’s needed to prepare your garden soil so that your turf will thrive. He or she will understand all of the nuances of drainage, soil nutrients, soil texture and the best way to work the soil in your garden. It’s always good to have expert advice to hand.

Knowledge of local landscapers who can help you

Need help laying your turf? Who best to recommend a landscaper than a turf grower who knows their customer’s work?

supply and lay turf service. Turf is being barrowed to where it needs to be laid

Supply and lay service direct from the turf grower ensures perfectly timed deliveries and staff who are passionate about their products.

Better still, if your local turf grower offers a supply and lay service you KNOW that the turf they install will be as fresh as fresh can be.

When you are ready to lay your next lawn with turf, please, research suppliers in your area and if you can, buy from your local turf grower.

More about Wimborne Turf, turf grower in Dorset.

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