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What to look for in a turf supplier

What to look for in a turf supplier 0

A new lawn is an investment so how do you know if you are buying from the best supplier. This article gives hints and tips on finding a turf supplier that offers best value for money, cares about their products and looks after customers.
The Price of Good Quality Turf

The Price of Good Quality Turf 0

There are many different grades of turf available to buy online.  Just as there are many different items of furniture or pairs of shoes.  Personally, I would never buy furniture or shoes online – not unless I was very familiar with the brand and could be confident of their quality.

Turf is a different thing though.  If you are a professional landscaper, you will probably know of several different turf suppliers.  You will also know their reputation, either via word of mouth or perhaps from your own experiences.

good quality turf

Good quality turf is cut fresh, has healthy grass plants, is the same thickness throughout, and has nice strong rolls that are easy to handle.

If you are about to lay turf in your own garden though, the turfgrass market might seem like a minefield to you.   Especially if you are looking online for prices.

Here are some guidelines for working out the price of good quality turf

Decide which type of turf you need.   For hardwearing turf and/or a simple lawn care regime, choose something like “Gold Leaf” which contains dwarf perennial ryegrass.   If you enjoy lawncare and want to create a show-lawn, a fescue-bent mix is beautiful but the maintenance will take up a lot of time.

Look at pictures of completed work and see if there are any testimonials from happy customers.

Does the Company have a Facebook page? That’s a good place to look images of the growing fields and of projects.

Try to see a sample of the turf.   That’s not always easy if the grower is a long way from you.  The turf that you sometimes see sitting on pallets outside a DIY store may not be 100% fresh so the sample probably isn’t representative.

Is it a smaller, family run company or a big corporate affair? Which would you rather buy from?

How long has the Company been in business? Do they have a proven track record?

Finally, compare prices for the quantity of turf you will need. Make sure you’re comparing like for like.  Ie don’t try to compare the price of “fine” turf with the price of garden turf.  That’s like comparing designer garments with supermarket clothes.

In general, the lower the price of turf, the lower the quality.  The cheapest is unlikely to be the best.  Buying direct from the grower, or ordering online for home delivery will ensure the freshest product. 


Three rules for buying the best quality turf

  1. Make sure it’s fresh. Buy direct from the grower if you can.
  2. Buy local. The turf will be fresher and better able to root into your soil type.  If you are able to collect from the grower, you’ll save yourself money on delivery too.
  3. Avoid the cheapest products. An extra £20 on your whole order can seem like a lot of money but you will be much happier with your lawn.


For gardeners in Dorset and Hampshire, Wimborne Turf offer superb quality products at a fair price.  Collect from our yard, or we can deliver to your site.

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