Laying Turf in Warm Weather

Laying Turf in Warm Weather

Laying turf in hot weather

It IS possible to lay turf in hot weather, but before you start your project, please read this blog post carefully.  If there’s anything you’re not sure of, phone the team at Wimborne Turf on 01258 858118 and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Ten Things to remember when laying turf in hot weather

  1. Turf has a very short shelf life in warm weather
  2. Don’t order more than you can reasonably lay in 4 hours. Have your turf delivered in more than one batch if necessary.
  3. Have plenty of people to help you – the faster you can work the better
  4. Always lay turf as soon as it arrives – don’t delay or you may find your lawn is affected by sod heating
  5. Locally grown turf will be fresher than turf that has been transported from another part of the country.
  6. Prepare the soil in advance – it should be 100% ready so that there is no delay between your turf being delivered and being laid
  7. While your turf is waiting to be installed, stack it in small piles in a shady place. Never cover stacked turf and never ever water turf that is still rolled up.
  8. Watering is vitally important, soak your turf as soon as it is laid and make sure you water it at least once a day until the roots are well established. In very hot weather you may need to water morning and night.  Whatever you do, don’t let newly laid turf dry out
  9. Look after yourself. Wear sunscreen and a hat, drink plenty of water and take regular snacks.  Laying turf is hard physical work but you won’t be able to stop until the whole lot is unrolled and watered in.
  10. Think about delegating – Wimborne Turf’s supply and lay team can do all the work for you while you sit in the shade sipping cool drinks – sound good? Contact us for prices and availability

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