Wimborne Turf

About us

Wimborne Turf was established over 30 years ago by the Flower family. It is one of the largest turf companies and leading suppliers of quality turfs and safe topsoil products in Dorset.

Based in Sturminster Marshall, our family business has earned a national reputation for the excellence of our turf, as well as reliability, customer service and competitive prices.

Our turf is grown from one of the very best cultivars (seeds) on some of Dorset’s most outstanding soils. Our leading grade of turf, ‘Gold Leaf’ is grown from a unique blend of seed types –supplied to us by Barenbrug. The turf is then inspected daily, immediately prior to harvesting, to ensure consistent quality.

The turf is easy to install, establishing roots quickly, enabling you to have a lawn to use in less than one month! This is exactly why many people have chosen us to supply or ‘supply and lay’ their turf.

This video shows how we grow your turf from seed, carefully nurturing it in the field until it is mature. We then harvest it to order. Each roll is quality controlled as it is stacked on the pallet. Finally, our supply and lay team demonstrate how easy it is to install turf. By using turf to create a new lawn you can give your garden an instant facelift.

We also sell feeds and fertilisers which have been specifically formulated to take care of your grass and soil – keeping both healthy all year round.

Our friendly staff are always happy to give you advice and recommendations, when and where able, regarding your lawn or any products.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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