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What could a new lawn do for you?

Your lawn is an intrinsic part of your property and it brings with it a whole raft of benefits – more so than hard landscaping or dare I say it – artificial turf.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a healthy natural lawn and consider why a new lawn could be an investment in your future.

Financial Benefits

A healthy, well-manicured lawn makes your property look more attractive to potential buyers. Estate Agents use the term “kerb appeal”. They say that when a possible buyer (or tenant) views a property they will make their initial decision within 7 seconds of seeing it from the outside. I would tentatively suggest that the same applies for the promotional pictures of a holiday let.

lawn for kerb appeal

Maximise kerb appeal with a beautiful new lawn

If your lawn is run-down and tired it can take months to renovate it in the traditional way. (scarification, aeration, weeding, feeding and overseeding). When you are marketing a property, a new lawn from turf is fast and effective. It adds value from day 1.

Social benefits

I watched a program on TV yesterday where celebrity gardeners refurbished a really tired looking garden. Before work began lawn was particularly tired looking and because it was muddy and unattractive, the garden was rarely used. The family were too embarrassed to use it as an entertaining space and didn’t enjoy their toddlers getting filthy when they played outside.

A simple lawn refresh along with a few decorative touches transformed what was effectively wasted space, into an inviting outdoor play area for children and adults. The cost for returfing was a small proportion of the overall cost but it undoubtedly made a huge impact on the garden’s usability.

Natural grass is one of the most versatile garden surfaces there is. Use it for playing, entertaining or just for aesthetics.

What does it mean for the family? The children enjoy being outdoors and their health benefits too. Mum doesn’t have to cope with muddy shoes so has more time to relax. Friends and family enjoy popping round for impromptu barbeques and coffee mornings in the garden. The neighbours are just a little bit envious.

Relieve soil compaction and help drainage

We touched on usability in the last paragraph but did you know that a natural lawn, properly installed can really help with drainage.

Spring 2018 was exceptionally wet and climate change experts are warning that those weather patterns could be repeated in the future. Did your garden become overly soggy at the time? You weren’t alone.

Over time, soil becomes compacted. It happens a lot beneath older lawns that have been well used but not aerated. Regular aeration helps relieve mild compaction but when the soil gets really solid it will impact on the health of the lawn and on the way it drains.

When soil is compacted, it takes a long time for rainwater to filter through it. That means a yukky muddy surface and worse – water can be encouraged to accumulate where you don’t want it.

When the team at Wimborne Turf install a new lawn they are very careful first of all to relieve any soil compaction. But also to adjust the levels so that excess water runs away from the house.

Environmental Benefits

We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK with plenty of green plants in our fields woodlands and hedgerows. In those circumstances it’s easy to take the environment for granted.  But what would happen if every homeowner in Dorset and Hampshire replaced their lawns and soft landscaping with concrete, stone and plastic?


Hard landscaping is easier to maintain than a lawn, I cannot dispute that. However, when hard landscaping takes over a whole garden there is a tendency to stop growing plants too. It’s a mindset. If that were to happen all over the South of England, there would be a massive impact on wildlife. To say nothing of the effects on air quality.

Many garden bird species like to forage on mown grass in order to feed their young

Did you know that a 15m x 15m natural lawn produces enough oxygen to support a family of 4? Or that lawns help to cool the surface of the earth? (on a hot day would you rather sit on a lawn or on a stone surface?).

Getting best value from your lawn

More often than not, when a lawn is compacted, weedy, weak and unattractive, the fastest and most cost effective way to “mend” it, is actually to dig it up and start again. The team at Wimborne turf are happy to support you with your project. We can offer plenty of free advice on laying turf and we can help you find the most suitable type of turf for your garden. If you need help to create your new lawn, then our supply and lay service might be just the thing for you.

Why not call us today for a chat and to find out just what a new lawn could do for you.