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A new lawn for christmas

A New Lawn for Christmas

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Why not give somebody a new lawn for Christmas?

Or, better still, treat yourself to a garden tidy-up. Trust me, those beautiful outdoor Xmas decorations will be set off better by a lovely lawn than by a muddy patch with some grass on it.

christmas lawn decoration

It’s the wrong time of year to sow grass seed, but it’s still OK to lay turf. Especially in Dorset, Hampshire and other Southern Counties where the soil usually stays warm for most of the winter.

Laying turf in winter

It’s perfectly possible to lay turf in winter. You’ll feel a lot better for spending time out of doors and burning off calories. Plus winter-laid turf doesn’t need nearly as much watering as summer turf. So it’s less labour intensive.

If you’d like to lay turf yourself, choose a reputable supplier. Ideally, buy direct from the grower. That’s invariably where the best quality and service is to be had.

Prepare the soil thoroughly. Dig to at least 15cm deep and rake to a fine tilth. It’s best to choose a dry day for this, the soil will be much easier to work with.

When laying your turf, use laying boards so that you don’t compact the soil you’ve just prepared. Start at one edge of the lawn and position each turf before you unroll it. But the edges up close together and use your hands to press the turves down gently. There shouldn’t be any air pockets between the turf and the soil beneath. If you need to trim turves to size, a sharp gardening knife is a must.

Water your turf well after you’ve laid it and avoid walking on it. If you need to place your Christmas ornaments – use your laying boards again. Move the ornaments every week so that they don’t damage the grass.

Check daily that the soil under your turf isn’t drying out. Water if necessary, but don’t overwater at this time of year. Cold waterlogged soil is not an inviting place for grass roots.

If you’re too busy with Christmas preparations to lay turf

The team at Wimborne turf may well be able to help out. Our supply and lay service is second to none. Phone us on 01258 858118

A new lawn as a Christmas gift?

This gentleman gave the garden lawn a makeover as his Christmas gift to his wife. I wish my husband would do something that thoughtful – I really don’t need any more gloves or socks!

christmas gift for gardeners new lawn

You too could give somebody a new lawn. If you don’t want to reveal the gift before Christmas day, talk to Wimborne Turf. Peter and his team will happily give you a quote for either supply only or for their amazing supply and lay service. Then you can make arrangements for the work to be done after Christmas and in time for spring.